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North Potomac, MD 

Located in ZIP codes 20878 Population approx.  24,000 In the late 1980's, the name North Potomac caught on to help define the area that was on the edge of Gaithersburg, Potomac and Rockville.  The postal service recognizes 20878 as Nort...

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Olney, MD and Brookeville, MD 

Located in ZIP codes 20832, 20833 Population approx. 33,000 Olney, MD was originally a crossroads on the Rockville-to-Baltimore road, 20 miles north of DC, developed into primarily a bedroom community. Once listed in Money magazine as one...

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Potomac, MD 

Located in ZIP code 20854 Population approx. 46,000  Bordered by the Potomac River, the area known as Potomac developed from the crossroads of what is now called River Road and Falls Road.  As the area transitioned from rural to suburba...

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Rockville, MD 

Located in the following ZIP codes 20850, 20851, 20852, 20853, 20854, 20855 Population approx. 68,000 Rockville, MD is the county seat of Montgomery County and has a population in the incorporated part of about 68,000. Combined with the u...

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Silver Spring, MD 

Located in the following ZIP codes 20901,20902,20903,20904,20905,20906,20910 Population approx. 269,000 Silver Spring is a large unincorporated area that starts from the DC line and covers the easternmost part of the county for about 10 m...

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Takoma Park, MD 

Located in ZIP code 20912 Population approx. 24,000  Takoma Park, MD is an architecturally eclectic area just north of DC on the eastern boundary of Montgomery County.  Long known for civic activism like its “nuclear free zone” desi...

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Vienna, VA  

Located in ZIP codes 22180, 22181, 22182 Population approx. 65,000 The Town of Vienna, VA is an incorporated area that is surrounded by a larger unincorporated area of Vienna.  Approximate borders are Interstate 66 on the south, Intersta...

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